Best Lush products for the winter cold

Winter is finally receding and with it, my patience, health, and any moisture that managed to bunk down and survive throughout the bitter England air. This was a dark and tragic time for my skin and hair care, especially when I refused to leave my bed for multiple days in a row, reassuring myself that the winter chill was a perfectly valid excuse. Through this depressing time, I learn that at the end of the storm a rainbow shall prevail! Well, sometimes… not always, but we should look on the bright side. So, here are my favourite Lush products that got me through a lack of sunshine.

£11.95 for 100g

So firstly, the R&B hair moisturiser. This small little pot of wonders is made to hydrate, revive, and basically save frizzy hair like mine. Only needing a small bit (about a penny), you simply lather it on the ends of your wet hair and then wait for the magical Lush wonders to commence.






£9.75 for 225g

Secondly, the H’SUAN WEN HUA. This is a hair mask recommended for every type of hair. You are directed to dollop it onto dry hair and let it set for about 20 minutes before showering, however, my hair being so long (around belly button length), I leave it in for around 30 – 40 minutes. I would recommend sectioning of the hair evenly, and then covering each section with enough mixture to make it look like a greasy mess; whilst smelling delicious. This mask does wonders to condition your hair,  leaving it with a shiny and manageable texture.




£14.50 for 5g

Lastly, and quite frankly, my favourite is the Lush eyeliner in the shade Motivation (which I’m surely lacking when the outside is a depressing, ice coated wasteland).  If you’re like me and find the colder seasons a little… depressing, then this is the one for you. Its formula dries quickly on the eyes and is easy to apply with its little brush. Personally, I love this turquoise blue shade, as it reminds of a rich sea being shined on by a setting sun. There are many other colours, that I have yet to expand to, that I’m sure will also brighten even the darkest of days.



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