Please die, my dearest loving husband

“I don’t want to go” the man yelled, his tantrum bordering on insanity.

“Now now, don’t be like that” his wife cooed.

“It’s alright for you to say that… you’re not the one going!” Again, his shrieks sounded more animal than human. Especially when his dark blood had poured from his multiple chest wounds to cover his skin; making him resemble an exotic, striped bird.

“Darling, we all have to go at some point. Now, don’t make this harder then it needs to be.” Caressing his shoulders she nudged him towards the door, as well as towards the hooded figure that stood ominously before it. Lifting his head the husband took one look, the tall man smiled. With that, the husband started shaking like a lost puppy and desperately tried to bolt. However, his wife’s tired hands clawed him into place.

“Now love, I wish I could have more years with you… really. However, I’m not the one that killed you, you did that to yourself now didn’t you. You know the blacksmith, he is a kind and gentle soul… who loves his wife dearly. How did you think he would react when he found you bending poor Emily over his anvil, not come and stab you repeatedly with a hammer I assume? But, that is what has happened and you must take the consequences.” Her husband’s eye’s burst, and with it floods of tears began to stream. Death walked from the door closer to the couple.

“Don’t worry, Emily is also coming with you.” Death said reassuringly, his weird crooked smile pinching his cheeks.

“W-What” Shrieked the husband again, oblivious to the rage the blacksmith had shown his wife. Death was confused, he thought the dead man would like to know his mistress would walk the Underworld with him… he would never understand mortals he thought bringing out his scythe.



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