Our one true fried hero

Morning is a tough time for many, it’s a syphon for energy and pushes those on a precipice to fall… fall back into the cosy warmth of a duvet snuggle. However, not for long. Bright yellow streams fall out of the crevices of the lazily pulled curtain, its sharp edges gnawing at your mind and eyes. Trying to sleep is out of the question, so what next?

You push your feet out one at a time, and individually place them into the hug of a slipper softness. Counting down from five you hike yourself up and out of the ever whispering warmth. A grumble escapes your lips, as your droopy eyed zombie form stalks downstairs.

One thing can save you. Heat on, crack the shell and listen. The sizzling sound wakes you as a smell of oil perpetuates your senses. Looking down, the white border holds its glistening yellow globe in a perfect embrace. Smiling, you know it’s going to be a good day.



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