An innermost cry

A woman falls.
Onlookers shriek and squawk,
Galloping to save her
They dust the dirt off in shock.

A child cries.
Parents swarm and mob,
Pulling squished faces
To ease their own hearts that throb.

Red stains.
Blood falls in droplets to the floor,
Pressure added whilst cringed faces
Turn away from the gore.

But at least attention is given.
The fallen are picked back up,
Red is washed away
While children petted like pups.

For the innermost cries.
The wounds too deep to see,
Minds weeping like a crying child
Blooded heart giving a silent plea.

Hurt is not always easy to see.
The mind can also fall,
Some are too old or shy to weep
And some are masquerading at standing tall.

The automatic assumption of health


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