Caught by Death

The girls long dark hair dragged across the cold floor, slowing her down only slightly as she sprinted through the cave. She knew she had limited time, her legs burned but her mind was to sought with the desire to care. She had to see it. Dreaming about it for weeks her chest could barely contain her pumping heart, so full of excitement. Few times had she felt this, well… in fact, few times had she felt anything. The walls watched the girl, fascinated for they too longed for it; the freedom she sought. However, the walls had no legs, no hooves or large beckoning wings. Instead, it could only stand… obediently. The girl shuddered to a stop, her ears stretching to listen for company. When no sounds other than the inaudible wailing of the stone could be heard, she hurried again. Dreams were dangerous things here, they lead to desires, desires leading to foolish mortal stupidity. The cave held a large daunting entrance; dwarfing the girl with its curved magnificence. Sunlight streaked in, creating a tide like appearance with light on the stone floor. A youthful smile stretched at the girls face, hesitantly, she placed a pale foot at its brimming edge, breathing in she pushed forward.

“Ely, what a coincidence meeting you here” Whispered a deep voice. Ely squeaked, her body shaking with fear.

“Am I that terrifying?” He questioned. The tall man stood against the doorway, his body cast in its shadow as if shunning the light.

“No… sorry” She answered. The man stepped forward into the sun. He was tall, extremely tall. His pitch black hair flowed down to his hips, in long elaborate plaits. Skin of acrylic white could be glimpsed from only his hands; due to the rest being covered by an overbearing cloak. Pushing his hood down, the lifeless eyes of Death bored into Ely.

“You are leaving?” Ely looked down. He smirked, “You didn’t think I knew?”

“I just…I’ve been waiting for so long” She whispered echoes of desire stealing her breath.

“I know child, how could I not? For years it’s been like this… I should have known when you stopped coming to scything lessons. Perhaps this is my fault, I tried too hard.”

Death stopped, looking straight at his daughter he did something he had never before done, he tried to smile. He thought of mortals. Particularly their ridiculous ideas of emotion and love. He was always left confused by their futile attempts at comforting their soon to be dead. Although, their false smiles never lasted when he joined the party, in fact, one could say he always brought a certain downer to any gathering. However, for a god who had never laughed, this became a challenge. Instead of a smile, his lips made more of a twisted smirk, and for some reason, his right eye always twitched when he tried concentrated. Death pondered whether there was a method of warming up one’s facial muscles before exerting such energy, perhaps a tutorial was available somewhere.

“Goodbye Ely” Deaths voice boomed with authority, Ely looked outward.

Daily prompt: Exposure


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  1. Noos2mee2 says:

    That was awesome! Nice work!


    1. sarahscrazymind says:

      Thanks so much 🙂

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