A land of the unthinkable

Believe it and it will become.
Breath and life shall thrive.

Create a space where anything can happen, from the unthinkable to an unrelenting beautiful fantasy.


8 thoughts on “A land of the unthinkable

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  1. I love this!

    “Believe It And It Will Become”

    Belief makes everything, and anything, possible. For a writer, the power of our beliefs and desires enables us to create things that we might have never thought possible beforehand. In order to create anything, one must put a great deal of themselves into the work. It is a sacrifice, to do this. It can be scary. However, by doing so…it becomes alive, in a way.

    Truly beautiful. Thanks for writing this!

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    1. Thank you, that’s very true. I’m in the middle of trying (very slowly), to write my own book at the moment. The more I believe in the characters and the world, the more alive it becomes. I think a book can only really shine if the writer has exposed themselves, leaving a part of their identity inside the pages.

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      1. That’s something I also agree with. I’m working on a sci-fi short story I hope to publish in either a magazine or a company. I’ve just finished the first chapter, thankfully.

        I wish you the best of luck with yours. The characters live, in their own way. They’ll speak if you listen (mine do, in a way).


          1. I’m thinking about posting the first chapter on here. I’m entirely sure yet. It’s interesting, I’d like to think. A bit on the funny side. As is, I have a class about to start so I’m gonna hop away.


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