The Brotherhood of the World Award

Thank you for the mention Emily ! I was super suprised to get this notifaction so I hope by sharing this, and the blogs I love, others will get to experience the excitement I just felt.   What motivated you to start your blog?  Well, I finished university and moved back home... a tiny town in... Continue Reading →

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A land of the unthinkable

Believe it and it will become. Breath and life shall thrive. Create a space where anything can happen, from the unthinkable to an unrelenting beauty of fantasy.

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Nothing but our enviroment

We, rather than me. We, rather than them. We, rather than me and them. A universe experiencing itself, Is its own hallucination, Its own self. Two different voices in your head, Do you consider them both your self? Do you think you have two different people in your head? The self is created almost entirely... Continue Reading →

A path of crunching crisps

Trees shed their fur Leaves shattering the ground, Cascading above me Until I am drowned. My feet crunch The debris so chillingly crisp, Noise echoing Until it is all but a wisp. It flickers my pulse Sharp edges cutting my skin, Mustard hues smothering my shoes Until I cannot help but grin.

A dangerously persuasive thief

"Where is it." "Where is what, Samantha?" Sam turned to him, her eyes ablaze. "You tell me right this instant." He rolled his eyes, "that is no way to barter." "I will not barter with a thief!" She screamed, her voice breaking. "Now now Sammy," he moved leisurely closer, "you'll never get what you want... Continue Reading →

A realm of marble grapes

Trees shoot into the air Their bark made from glass, Water simmering beneath the surface Bubbles steaming into gas. A realm of marble grapes Dripping from the leaves, Purple and pink glistening Before plucked by thieves. They shatter to the ground Creating a field of broken remains, Colour seeping into the dirt with each day... Continue Reading →

A puddle of dreams quivering

Pale feet dance Just above the puddle, Water rippling into a mirror Reality begins to muddle. Skin touching the surface Fire searing her flesh, Rippling coils of moisture Trying to refresh. The puddle dances Into purple and white, Snow like rain scattering She hears feathers take flight. Her legs are stolen And she is tugged... Continue Reading →

A splinter of light

Caught between the breezes Swirling, It all but teases. Dancing between the buds Glinting Before it floods. A dark sky Torn, By a heated cry. Sunshine falling like waves Cascading, Kindly it saves.   If you like this follow my twitter to get notifications on new content! If you’d like more please head over to my website! Follow... Continue Reading →

“I’m so sick of this fake love”

I'm so sick of this fake love These mass-produced sweets, Wrappers sticking to my skin Their tune smothering my heart's beat. Fake love Grinding on the screen, Lips scorched red Dying in a twisted routine. I'm so sick of this fake love Spoon fed to the masses, Delivered to youth Distilled love taught in classes.... Continue Reading →

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