The Brotherhood of the World Award

Thank you for the mention Emily ! I was super suprised to get this notifaction so I hope by sharing this, and the blogs I love, others will get to experience the excitement I just felt.   What motivated you to start your blog?  Well, I finished university and moved back home... a tiny town in... Continue Reading →

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A land of the unthinkable

Believe it and it will become. Breath and life shall thrive. Create a space where anything can happen, from the unthinkable to an unrelenting beauty of fantasy.

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A Splintering Chill

The bitter windDances so sweetly,Caressing my cheeksOh so meekly. Talans emerge To swipe at my skin,Red spots gleamingAs foe merges with kin.The bitter windSings of lingering heat,Dawn simmering to dusk Kissing to greet.Blades of ice escape From a looming winter,I shudder back to warmthBefore my body begins to splinter.

The flesh of burning apricot

Hues of sunset Sleeping in the field, Round plump bodies With souls sealed. The sharp moon rises Light snipping their stems, Pumpkins lifting Until they shine like gems. Skin flickering of amber They dance all night, Souls borrowing their bodies Ready to play fright.  

A lens of burnt orange

A blend of reality Hazed by heat, Burnt orange crystallising To the mortal beat. A sky bleached by hate Red dripping to the land, A rainstorm of tears Until taste is bland. Life pumps through veins Pinching unturned soil, Flowers melting into pools Seas becoming thick with oil. Until our homes are defeated.  

A hushed pink

A hushed pink Gently sways, Cotton petals melting By a vigorous blaze. A hushed pink Touched by sun, It bathes in light Until night has begun. A hushed pink Singing its tune, Petals emmtiting an unearthly hue Before it meets the moon.

Sand beneath her feet

Golden dust Dripping like water, Rippling beneath the sun Brewed to slaughter. Golden dust Scattering like shards, Ringing as they clash They flip like cards. Golden dust Evaporating like mist, Gold escaping my grasp Until I questions ... Did it ever exist?

Gold dripping from flames

Dancing flames Trapped behind glass, Flickering with anger As they envy the free grass. Dancing flames Reflected in the lake, Their bodies slimming As red begins to flake. Dancing flames Gold dripping like rain, Spilling from the case The world beginning to stain.

Crystalised sound

Hoops of blue Looping the glass, Shimmering with glee Light dancing like grass. Drips falling like shards To shatter against the ground, Water sparkling like diamonds With that crystalised sound. Warm light heating Until it resembles a dusty sun, The garden smiles Knowing summers begun.

His angel eyes

Angel eyes Stalking their prey, Watching you move Before they slay. Angel eyes Swirling colours taunting, Mocking your sincerity For always wanting. Angel eyes Born from hell, Bred from greed and lust His soul begins to yell. Angel eyes Misting with his own denial, A soul drenched in thirst Put on trial.

A man clouded by soffocation

He feels suffocated A heavy feeling on his chest, Generations watching Pushing him to do his best? He feels weighed Seconds spilling like sand, Hours leaking from the bottle Until he can't withstand. He feels mocked This world laughing at what he lacks, Eyes never leaving Staring at his every act.

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